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LIC Home Loans in Calicut

Give life to your dreams! Realise the dream of staying in your own abode with home loans LIC. We are authorized agents of LIC Home loans. Since our inception Home Loans LIC has been serving their customers dedicatedly to enjoy fastest and easiest LIC home loan solutions. Due to its reliable brand name and an extensive network of distributors in the market LIC Housing Finance Ltd. is the preferred financial home loan lender. Also, Home Loans LIC makes the process of acquiring LIC home loans quick and hassle free.

As one of the leading distributors in the field of home loans, Home Loans LIC makes it possible for the individuals to enjoy LIC housing loans facilities for construction or purchase of flats/apartments and houses. One can also take advantage of their LIC housing loans for renovating or restructuring their current place of residence.

Home Loans LIC has on offer different loan schemes based on the individual's need and preferences. We provide home loans for:

  • Home Loans - Construction .Purchase,Renovation Extension ,Plot Purchase & Construction
  • Mortgage Loans/LAP - Against mortagage of residential properties. Available for personal & business needs
  • Take over & Top-Up
  • Loan For Professionals - Loan to professionals for construction/purchase of office premises/Hospitals
  • LRD- loan Against Rent Receivable from commercial propoerties

People Elibible For Availing Home Loans:

  • Salaried Person
  • NRI Person
  • Self Employed Person
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